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Face Recognition Terminal


Features and Functions

· Wall mounting 

· 8-inch LCD touch screen to display operation interface, advertisement, etc.

· 2MP wide-angle lens


· Face recognition distance:0.3m to 2.0m

· High performance processor with deep learning algorithm

· Max.10000 face pictures and Max. 50000 cards

· Multiple authentication modes: authentication by comparing face picture, by swiping card and comparing face picture, by custom mode, etc.

· Accurate and fast face recognition function. 

· The face recognition duration is no more than 0.3s per person and the face recognition accuracy rate is more than 99%

· Applies face picture data and card data to the device via TCP/IP or uploading them to the device via the USB flash drive

· Stand-alone operation

· Transmits and saves the comparing results and the captured face pictures to the server or saved localy

· Device management, log search, and parameter settings via the device GUI or IE client

· Imports the data (face pictures) from the USB flash drive to the device or exports the data (face pictures and events) from the device to the USB flash drive

· Voice prompts