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Maximum safety for people and equipment
For highly challenging environments such as drilling rigs, production platforms, oil and LNG tankers and petrochemical plants, Microtrol offers comprehensive solutions for communication and safety. From oil and gas production through sea or pipeline transportation to processing, these tasks require the highest possible safety levels for people and equipment. The services available from Microtrol include both standard intercom systems (e.g. Driller’s Intercom) as well as complex, integrated PA, general warning and alarm systems (PA/GA systems). Explosion and weatherproof terminals ensure reliable communication and public address functions in all areas. Continual system monitoring and redundant design of components up to 100% system redundancy guarantee maximum system availability.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Highest priority in safety and reliable communication
Chemical and pharmaceutical systems require maximum safety levels due to the special circumstances involved. Reliable voice communication as well as clear full-coverage announcements and warnings in potentially explosive environments are the critical factors here for man, machinery and the environment. Absolute reliability of communication and warning systems has top priority. Many years of experience in developing innovative explosion-proof equipment with the appropriate certifications guarantees maximum availability and reliability of Microtrol public address, warning and general alarm systems. Our systems have also proven themselves worldwide over many years as company warning systems or electro-acoustic emergency warning systems conforming to international standards.

Metals, Minerals & Mining

Reliable and rapid process communication
In open-cast mining, on furnaces, on cranes, at rolling mills or in the control center – clear, direct and safe voice transmission in and between the various plant areas is an important factor for the effective and efficient production operations. In the metal industry and in open-cast mining, special conditions prevail. Noise, dirt and extreme temperatures require a high degree of reliability and quality of the end terminals used. Additional loudspeakers and flashing warning beacons for the robust intercom stations supplement the system in loud environments. Cranes and other mobile transport systems are integrated into the process communication using voice radio.

Automatic Incident Detection

Points the exact location of an incident within seconds of occurring

Improves road user safety by reducing secondary incidents and knock-on effects. It is the only automatic detection system that operates in all weather and light conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our solutions detect an incident as fast as 10 seconds after occurring, with an incredibly low false alarm rate of just one per sensor per day, in any weather and light conditions. Designed for smart cities, highways, tunnels, open roads, and bridges, each ClearWay’s automatic incident detection (AID) radar covers wide areas up to 1,000m.

Hard Shoulder Monitoring

Real-time warning for stopped vehicle detection


With the unprecedented increase in traffic volume, highways agencies across the globe are searching for solutions to congested roads and motorway travel.

To succeed with their solutions, highways agencies must consider all aspects of safety including monitoring the hard shoulder, ensuring it is clear of stopped vehicles and debris. Without a system that can accurately detect these problems, there is a real risk of secondary incidents.

Microtrol provides accurate stopped vehicle and incident detection across multiple lanes, including the hard shoulder and emergency areas. The fully automatic system can activate warning signs and alert operators within 10 seconds of a detected stopped vehicle. Operators can then react quickly to an alarm, and drivers are aware of the stopped vehicle, reducing the likelihood of a secondary incident.

Count and Classify

Accurate data for traffic managment

With the increasing volume of vehicles on the road, being able to count and classify traffic has become an important issue for road authorities. Traffic counts are used by national and regional road operators, as well as local councils to quantify real-time road use, and to adapt tolling, open lanes or even change routes depending on traffic levels.

Microtrol provides the source data used to calculate both real-time counts and the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). The solution can analyses multiple lanes, collecting data on road occupancy, as well as speed, size and direction. This information is saved automatically by the system and can then be used to improve traffic flow and road efficiency. Count and classification is one of solution multiple capabilities, which include AID capabilities, removing the need for further equipment and subsequently reducing costs.

Stopped Vehicle Detection

Automaticlly detects stopped vehicles on highway or hard-shoulder

Rule-based software monitors the entire width of a motorway, detecting any incidents lane by lane, in both directions, including hard-shoulder and emergency areas. The control room is automatically alerted to a stopped vehicle within 10 seconds, in all conditions, day and night, when other systems may fail.

Road Worker Safety

Warns road workers of vehicle incursions

Being a road worker is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. In addition, millions in revenue are lost every year from damage to equipment or disruption to work, both as a result of vehicle incursions.

Microtrol solution detects vehicle incursions within 10 seconds, and activates audible and visual alarms, both from a central alarm point and at an individual worker level. This provides workers with sufficient time to vacate the site, and for operators to assign emergency intervention.

Wide area Surveillance

Detection inside and outside of perimeter

Large, complex and active sites are vulnerable to intruders, who may slip in un-noticed. Unfortunately, conventional surveillance systems tend to offer only short-range detection or work only within the perimeter.
Solution does more. With high definition 360º scanning radar that operates in all weather and light conditions, and intelligent, rules-based software, Solution raises the alarm only when true threats occur and gives you real-time situational awareness, 24/7/365.
Solution provides wide area surveillance on both sides of your perimeter. Targets are detected and tracked even before they enter your site, so you can deal with them quickly. And because our sensors can cover up to 3 km, you need very few of them – which reduces costs and maintenance.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Fully automated system warns of potential and actual secured area breaches


Accurate, reliable, future-proof perimeter intrusion detection system is a ‘must have’ for any complex, active site. AdvanceGuard site intrusion detection monitors both sides of the perimeter and alerts you to imminent threats so you can act quickly and efficiently, before harm occurs.

Most security systems only detect an intruder once they’ve breached the perimeter, but The solution is different. Using 360º scanning radar and intelligent, rules-based software, it monitors both sides of your perimeter and knows the difference between legitimate and illegitimate activity. The solution therefore minimises nuisance alarms, and pinpoints the location of any genuine intruders, tracking them in real time so you can deal swiftly with threats and get back to work.
The solution is easily integrated with most video management systems, and can be adapted as technology advances or site requirements change. It requires little infrastructure, provides constant situational awareness and works automatically 24/7/365, in all weather and light conditions.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection

Runway foreign object debris detection


Foreign object debris, or FOD, is a constant hazard. Even tiny objects, such as stones, can damage aircraft and cause costly delays. What’s more, detecting FOD and FOD damage can be dangerous in itself, often requiring staff to drive at speed along runways.

Navtech Radar’s high performance FOD150 sensor automatically detects debris as small as 3cm x 3cm x 3cm, and makes runway hazard management straightforward, improving operational efficiency and safety.

Critical Part Airport Monitoring

Virtual security-restricted areas

It can be hard to monitor the critical areas of complex and sensitive sites, such as airports. Physical barriers are often inappropriate or disruptive (for example, by the CP Line or where many staff members need access) and the use of human guards can be costly. However, with its 360º scanning radar, intelligent rules-based system and ability to operate in all light and weather conditions, The solution provides an effective solution to a tough problem.


Surface Movement Radar (SMR)

Aircraft and vehicle detection for safty and efficiency

Airport operators must monitor the movement on the ground of both aircraft and vehicles; this is to ensure the safety of people and assets, and to make sure correct route information is provided. Surface movement surveillance also underpins any advanced surface movement guidance and control system.

Friend or Foe Radar Detection

Eliminates nuisance alarm from authorized personal

The solution gives you accurate, reliable, future-proof surveillance – but did you know if you add unique ‘friend or foe’ software to an system, you can instantly differentiate between known and unknown people and vehicles? With its user-friendly and highly-specific identification friend or foe radar software gives you full situational awareness at all times and in all light and weather conditions.

Radar Based Localisation

Accurate localisation everywhere, everytime

Unlock the full potential of automation with Terran360 for proven accurate localisation – everywhere, every time. While the full potential of total automation is understood, the challenges faced by existing localisation technologies have been eroding trust and undermining what total automation can achieve. But that is now changing. Performing to a centimetre accuracy, our world-leading radar localisation solution enables an autonomous vehicle to answer the fundamental question “Where Am I?” in even the harshest environments. This level of consistent and continuous accuracy means you; your people; and your customers can be confident there are no weak links in your automation development journey, mapping the way to a safer and more productive future.

Single Sensor Solution

off-the-shelf localisation solution


Terran360 is an off-the-shelf localisation solution that helps simplify the array of technology required to deliver full automation in the harshest conditions. Due to its 360° field of view coupled with it’s high-resolution and long-range, our radar sensor processes more than 12 million data points per second, meaning you can achieve comprehensive, centimetre accurate localisation data on your vehicle from a single sensor.

Since there is no dependence on external systems such as GNSS, markers or third-party mapping, localisation can reliably be achieved in areas where satellite transmission is not available, such as underground or near large structures. Together with a compact, vibration-resistant, industrial-grade sensor designed for autonomous vehicles you can quickly add accurate localisation to your automation capability. As a stand-alone system, with low cost implementation, it’s designed to be maintenance free for 10 years, giving you long-term value for your investment.


Accurate frame-to-frame motion estimation

Odometry is the use of data from motion sensors to estimate the change in position of a vehicle over time, relative to a specific starting location. Rapid and accurate data collection and processing is fundamental for odometry to be used effectively, meaning many sensing technologies fail. Our 360°, high-resolution, long-range radar processes more than 12 million data points per second. Combining this data with the robust algorithms of Oxbotica’s world-leading autonomous vehicle software platform, Terran360 delivers the accurate frame-to-frame motion estimation necessary to deliver precise localisation.